Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wearing more black than usual,

It's a day of mourning for many frustrated, even devastated, democratically-minded individuals... and I speak not of partisan politics. Simply stated, we the people want to run this country - WE support an administration that supports the principles of democracy. Our current administration deceives middle America, quite successfully, and attempts to deceive the rest of us, to believe that this is a functional democracy. Hardly the case; the reality of our political administration is akin only to a peaceful dictatorship.

We suffer as a country because of the overwhelming ignorance of the majority, those who put their stock in Fox news, who consider so-called traditional moral values (ie. social discrimination against gay marraige, gay civil unions, even sharing of work-related benefits between same-sex partners) to be important, and who blindly follow GW on his destructive path in the name of GOD. This is virtually the same motivation that inspired terrorists to mobilize around the world in their pursuit of devastation and destruction.

Bush supporters around the nation have virtually no concept of the world outside the scope of their television screens... it's quite pathetic. They choose to be apathetic and self-centered and it's quite clear that this kind of paradigm has only helped our country to become plagued with obesity, depression, ADHD... among the many effects resulting from a loss of consciousness and awareness in life.

It's time to listen to Senator John Kerry make concessions to a complete and udder idiot! God bless america is right! Fuck you, you stupid fucking texan. You can have America, because you manifest all the stupidity, pride and conceit that thrives in your supporters... and it appears that I'm outnumbered. So today I'm wearing more black than usual in mourning for our country - whose citizens must endure the harvest that the majority has sowed.

However, I will not be miserable because my country is a mess... because pain and suffering is inevitable, but feeling miserable is a choice! And I choose to feel great.