Wednesday, October 13, 2004

enslaved by the intellectual mind

'Beware!' The final words to me yesterday evening after almost an hour of rhetoric and philosophy of life with a guy filming the sunset... he's been watching it, drawing it, photographing it since the seventies.

He warned me of the intellectual mind, which represents the 4-6% utility of our minds, as I'm sure you've heard quoted. He referred to each of us having an embryo of a god waiting to be born, and in that god, we manifest our human magnifiscence through our bodies, ourselves. Without the burdens and handicaps of social constructs, he believes we can fly, we can reach the bottoms of the ocean by the power of our lungs, we can do without buildings, clothing, transportation... effectively, by nurturing our physical selves (his ideal version to include a discipline of martial arts, yoga, and true nutrition), we can live strong and survive the forces of nature.

He probably has drawn the shape of the sunset on your birthday... your actual birthday. That's what he's been doing for a good part of his life. He sees these different shapes that the sun makes as it descends the horizon, and captures these shapes in a simple drawing.

Anyway, he told me to beware of the intellectual mind that may limit me from engaging the intuitive and creative self that represents the real capacity of the mind... such an interesting and dynamic creature.

We started talking about the surf, and moved into this conversation about the sunsets, and then politics, followed by the environment, and back to the surfers, and then the history of ocean beach SF, and at some point, I realized that this could go on indefinitely, and that I will surely see Louie again.

We are free, free of the shackles and chains of social constructs, free of the intellectual mind, free to create, to live, to be and to perfect that art.