Sunday, September 19, 2004

The dream for a Friendly world...

where people of every creed, every race, gender, color, sexual orientation, or affiliation, can be friends. In order to be my friend, you don't have to meet anybody's expectation of amicability, beauty, intelligence, or wisdom - all you need is to offer honor, trust and respect. And all I have to do is to want you to be my friend.

That's the best part about friendship - it has no explicit standards. Others may say that your friend is clumsy... that's okay, he's my friend. Or that she is too conceited - or that he is too loud - or that she is too sensitive... it's part of the package. Take it or leave it. And I still say yes, I want to be your friend. You may have 15 enemies, and you can rid yourself of all of them by making just 1 friend. If you have two friends, you are blessed. If you have several friends, then I'm going to borrow one of them.

I went to Glide Memorial Church- - in the Tenderloin for the first time this morning, and I am truly blessed to live so close to such a wonderful community, where all people can find unconditional acceptance and love. One way to describe Glide is that it is a white black gospel church. It has all the soul and spirit of a true gospel church, and it is smack in the middle of one of the most diverse and accepting communities in the country.... I looked out at the crowd of people who filled the church this Sunday, and watched them all holding their hands high in praise for all the world to see how this diverse group of people form one unified people, united in the cause for peace, equality, acceptance, and goodness towards mankind.

Glide is a magical place, and is one of the few places on this earth where the dream of a friendly world can be experienced here and now. The sermon today was called "The Dream for a Friendly World", and it was given by Reverend Douglass Fitch, who told his story of growing up in a segregated world, segregated not by choice, but by the powers that be. He explained in a most charismatic and engaging sermon how the dream of a better world, a more accepting and friendly world, inspired him throughout all the hardships in his life, to make a postive difference in the world. Amidst all the challanges and obstacles, the dream continues to whisper in your ear, a reminder when you need to hear it most. And during those times when it seems like nothing seems to make sense, and the world as it seems is total chaos... in that cacophony of life we call society, there is still a melody ringing through, and that melody is our dreams, your dreams and my dreams.

Douglass wish was to experience his dream come true in this lifetime, and he ended his sermon by thanking god for Glide, because it is here, in the Glide community, that his dream has come true. Amen!