Sunday, October 17, 2004

The smell of inspiration...

The venue was relatively small, and incredibly charming... it was a playful mix between a concert hall and a industrial brick building, minimalistic in that dot-com modern look, with a touch of matte-finished black railings and fencing (no kidding) separating the seating area from the rest of the hall. It was the kind of place where you could imagine death metal concerts with bloody fans throwing themselves against fences and walls, or see it as it was on this particular night - an intimate, laid-back evening with the acoustic artists of folk rock.

Mason was the headline, and the reason I went to Slims. The crowd was hot - mostly straight, with a healthy number of teenagers looking like surf bums, in addition to the grungy skaters and earthy hippie chicks. When Mason finally came up to perform, I was within a few yards of him, and was so close that I could notice the way his eyes blinked when he was hitting the intense notes. It is amazing to be so close to someone that you admire so much.

His voice took me places, deep into my heart, and way up into the energy of the song where I felt once again like I was floating a few inches above the ground... this time around, I wasn't on any hallucinagenics. We all cheered with joy when he sang the lyrics "I'm staying far away from LA... I'm going north of San Francisco, into the cleaner ai-air." And
I just want to cry everytime I hear him sing "I miss the ocean when I go to sleep."

We were told several times that he loves coming to SF to play, and always loves the crowd. I left that evening with a warm fuzzy feeling in my soul, having gotten a healthy dose of the music that makes me sing straight from the source. To boot, it was amazing to be so close to him that I could smell the inspiration... or maybe it was just the perspiration.