Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Shaking with Excitement

How can I contain myself?! I can't... I can't be contained. I was told that once after a rendez-vous with GHB. It just so happens that particular occasion inspired such a remark. I am literally shaking with excitement and can't possibly think about anything work-related for the next 45 minutes... therein lies the inspiration behind this entry.

I just listened to the surf report - light offshore winds, sunny and beautiful at the beach, and 6-8' faces - rideable and smooth... and low tide comes in at 5:56pm. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of that message, no love poem more endearing, nor sweet affirmation more comforting - I am utterly smitten by those words.

It's been almost two weeks since I've gotten some good surf, and perhaps I'm jonesing now for it - even this morning in my office, I couldn't help but gaze with blissful ignorance at the sketches of waves that I draw on my workpapers, and think of those amazing forces of nature that create choke waves.

Two weeks ago on Wednesday marked the end of a weeklong streak of incredible conditions... I was going to play tennis that evening with my tennis buddy Dan and I called to tell him that I would be a little late since I was planning to get wet first. I wasn't expecting the conditions to hold out yet another day, and sure enough, they did.

That evening, we observed (drooled over) a particularly fine boy named Jessie playing on the next court over, and after they had finished up, I walked over and chatted him up about playing together sometime. He has since become the hot topic on our plate of gossip, and we make it a point to run into him, either on or off the court.

Well, the universe does conspire to help those who seek it, and today marks an epic day of favorable coincidences that may ultimately lead to another run-in with the subject of our infatuation... It is Wednesday. I am playing tennis with Dan. I just called to tell him that I must get in the water. I will show up late, and Jessie will be there. This is my prediction -

more importantly though, I have a date with my all-time favorite lover... the