Friday, December 03, 2004

where the magic happens

This morning, I woke up to the sun rising over San Francisco with a view from the water. I was up early, and had plenty of time to prepare for this magical event. On mornings like these, there is no place I would rather be than floating in the water of Ocean Beach, SF. My first wave was steep, and it pitched right over me as soon as I stood up - instant barrels... that's a wakeup call I can deal with.

If you walk into my office today, you will see three colored pencils, red, blue and gray, all neatly sharpened, a highlighter, my pen of choice, my calculator, several schedules, and binders of reference materials. As you pan to the left, you will notice 3 paper trays stacked vertically - recycled computer printouts and recycled notepaper. Captain Planet would be proud. The majority of people in this office will never use the backside of their worksheets. My Nalgene water bottle sits half-full of twice-filtered tap water.

At the visitor's end of the desk, there are magazines of varying themes, upon which my stuffed RGL bloodhound rests lazily. A stylish business card holder displays my professional identity. The magic happens front and center, where legal pad, colored pencils, and calculator synergize to create economic loss calculations. I really would like one of those visors with a green transparent lid... and while I'm on the subject, a white-noise machine would be nice... one that has a sound called the 'cacaphony of office life'... a harmony of typewriter and adding machine. This is my 6-7.

Today is a great day ;)