Friday, February 25, 2005

When the world conspires in your favor, take action!

On my walk to yoga on Tuesday night, I listened to people walking around in the streets - I was more attentive than usual, noticing that people were walking in groups and talking to one another. I sensed an abundance of life out there on the sidewalks, and it was a beautiful image of life that I heard and saw. As I approached Union Square, I heard the singing of bluegrass, and I spotted two young, good-looking boys singing in unison to the rhythm of a guitar. I smiled to them as I passed, and one of them acknowledged me with a wide and happy smile. All the while, I looked at these people, and felt connected to them.

My yoga practice was amazing, and afterwards, I ordered dinner for myself in Russian. While I enjoyed my meal, Candyce showed up and joined me while she took a break from her volleyball game. Amidst the conversation, I alluded to being gay, and she said "I didn't know you swing that way" to which I responded "that's the only way I swing, honey".

The following day, I was planning to play tennis with Dan after work. I was so ready to leave the office at 5pm, and upon stepping outside, realized that the weather was less than favorable for tennis. I confirmed with Dan, considered going back to the office, and instead went home - I got irie, bounced around in a few handstands and backbends, and started a silent practice. I practiced for a solid hour before I was getting ready for finishing sequence, at which time... the phone rang. It was Dad, and we spoke about our existence on this planet, the limitations of scientific theory, and spirituality - he said that "matter is like drurzlak".

Yesterday evening, I returned to guided yoga practice. I was feeling great. About halfway through the practice, I noticed that one of the guys in the middle of the room was extraordinarily flexible, and was deep in one of the more challenging poses. Throughout the rest of the class, I would glance over at his reflection in the mirror to observe his form and admire his practice. When Sherman announced inversions, he requested a translation - handstands!! And with a single hop, he popped right into it and held!! It was marvelous. Inspired by the moment, I popped up on my first bounce, and there I was, holding the handstand - in perfect unison with the universe - my body suspended perpendicularly in the air!! It lasted for about 5 seconds before I lost that pure and effortless focus, and at that point, I knew that I could not bring it down smoothly...

Just prior to the handstand, I visualized rolling forward out of the handstand and breaking the mirror in front of me... the mirror came shattering down in that vision and cut me up a bit, but otherwise left me unscathed. I wonder if that visualization helped me cut through the perceived fear of falling forward. In any event, I was so close to the mirror that I couldn't fall forward, so I rolled out of the handstand to my side, and came down with a pretty solid thud.

After practice, I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the presence of this extraordinary yogi - I was tripping over him. People came up and expressed their admiration of his form and grace, and I too came over to introduce myself. He introduced himself to me as Michael. He was still very much in the moment, and continued to sit in lotus as he received the praise of others. Addressing Michael, Sherman said that "you've come a long way since I saw you last." I left the two of them to catch up, wondering the whole time why I didn't stay.

I was tripping about this boy, and from the moment practice was finished, I was moving out of the moment. I put my stuff away, and felt compelled to act indifferent to this amazing person in the same room as me. I didn't know what it was that drove me to act this way. Nonetheless, I realize that Michael has a unique and beautiful presence, the likes of which I have never experienced on a one-to-one basis, and I look forward to spending time with him.

Embrace the moment that is now... breath as if this breath will be your last, and live every moment with passion and fullness.