Friday, February 18, 2005

One step closer to nirvana

The Kabuki Spa is a most amazing gem in the heart of San Francisco's Japantown - it is a most rejuvinating and wonderful experience... and despite its location, this communal bath is free of any sexual activity. It is also silent - there is a small gong on one of the tables that can be used by any who wish to remind the group. Aside the gong, there is a bowl full of bath salt into which a design reminiscent of a japanese rock garden has been imprinted. Little cups of salt have been arranged in a pyramid shape for use as a scrub. They offer a variety of beverages, including orange- and cucumber-flavored water and hot tea, and small towels lie soaking in a bowl of ice water, accompanied by floating orchid petals. The steamroom has a fan inside that helps disperse the heat evenly throughout the room, and also has this wonderful cold shower that creates the effect of standing in a torrential downpour. Out in the open area, there are two pools, surrounded by several wooden lounge chairs and benches.

I went to the Spa for the first time with my kindred spirit and best friend in San Francisco. Both he and I really dug the experience, and are among the few who can appreciate this amazing place. The experience was only intensified by his company, coupled with the enhanced state of awareness evoked by our surroundings.

Last night I dreamt that friends of mine invited me to go to Kabuki this weekend. I told them that I had already made plans to go to Lake Tahoe, and couldn't join them. I don't remember who it was, but I do remember feeling hesistant about going with them to the Spa. Sometime this morning, this scenario came back into my head, and it seemed like the exchange in my dream really took place - this is where the line between dream and reality gets blurry. To blur it further, I am really going to Lake Tahoe this weekend, and was conscious of that plan in my dream.

Now that I've thought it through, I can't remember who invited me to the Spa in my dream - and I want to take a rain check! So if you want to go, you know who to call!