Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Power of Intention

I begin this shared experience seated within view of a large window protecting us within from the rainy day outside... it is the first rainy day that I've seen since arriving in Portland almost 1 week ago. I brought lots of sunshine and clear skies from California!

Today is Saturday... it is the day of a workshop intended less than one month ago... I called Denise this morning who informed me that we've got 25 PEOPLE signed up to attend the workshop! This is the glorious manifestation of my intention... 30 people. After checking out the space on Monday, I decided emphatically that I would like to guide 30 people through today's Acroyoga workshop. The universe is speaking! I will confirm the numbers after the workshop... I think it's actually a bonus that it is raining, because our activity is perfect for just such a day. Gather with friends and strangers in a warm, dry environment to PLAY AND FLY!

Reflecting on this intention, I am reminded of how clearly I have witnessed a mental volition, an intention, a thought, become realized. It is happening with astounding clarity and responsiveness...

On January 22, two days before my departure from San Francisco for my part of the world tour, I was walking to Jason and Jenny's house where we were hosting a going-away party for ourselves. As I turned up Rose Street, I began to ponder future Acroyoga teacher trainings, and wonder who would be assisting Jenny & Jason. I thought about how much our relationship has evolved since this past spring, and through the past six months... it is incredible and magnifiscent.

In my mind, I felt that I would be a very appropriate choice for an assistant for one of the next teacher trainings. I hoped that Jenny & Jason feel confident in me as a more experienced Acroyogi... further down this daydream, I thought about how cool it would be to assist the teacher training in Hawaii! A very promising return to the Mana of Hawaii, the healing warm waters of the Pacific, and the island lifestyle...

The thought passed as quickly and spontaneously as it had arose, and my mind was onto other wanderings. I arrived at the door, and was the first to arrive... befitting my plan to have time to prepare a curry for the evening. Within moments of stepping through the door, Jenny said that they had something they wanted to ask me... they walked over to one another, and asked me to assist them in Hawaii for the next teacher training. {pause}

Naturally, I accepted their invitation with great enthusiasm! I told them how I had been thinking specifically about assisting the teacher training in Hawaii just a few minutes earlier, and acknowledged the profound nature of creating an intention.

As I prepare to embark on today's adventure in the studio, my intention is to share with this group of people a fun, dynamic and engaging program that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness. I intend to create a safe container within which to explore Acroyoga using my experience to demonstrate how we can transcend our perceived limitations by working together, guided by principles of mutual support, compassion, and trust!

To quote Maia, I am so excited, I can not wait! The energy of my enthusiasm will certainly enrich the experience for all. These principles of trust and compassion are so important as a reflection for myself... to trust myself as an experienced guide... to have compassion for myself and others when it is difficult to help others discover the experience as I have discovered it before - the importance of letting go of past experience to embrace the present moment. I will remember that everyone will create their own experience, and that experience will be meaningful for them. WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN YOGA... my yoga today is to encourage and empower others to explore the wonders of working in partnership and connecting through contact!

May we all grow through this experience and trust that the work will speak for itself, it will find its voice through the hearts of each participant.