Friday, November 18, 2005

Paddling back into the present moment

The sharks were out last night, waiting at my doorstep - upon arriving at home, I found a dead baby shark in a vase outside my front door. It had been a pretty off week for me, and I was feeling generally out of sync and somewhat disturbed at this sight. At first, I thought it could be a bad omen placed there by one of the many Asian people living in our building. I asked our next door neighbors to check it out, and they just assumed my roommate was out fishing.

I brought this creature downstairs and placed in near trash cans, and returned to smudge my apartment with sage and rosemary... after the place was sufficiently smudged, and I began some vinyasa to warm up for the evening's acroyoga class. En route to class, I noticed for the first time the name Michael on a store that I have passed hundreds of times.

Our last student to arrive at the evening class was named Michael. He mentioned that he recently broke his hand, although he did not have health insurance. Throughout the class, I noticed that his body was resistant to the practice, to trusting. It wasn't so much about his broken hand... it was simply about trusting.

As the students left, Will and I stuck around chatting. We eventually found our way to the street, still deliberating as to what to do next... we stood for a moment debating the idea of getting some food, and since the cafe was due to close in 8 minutes, and I suggested action and we walked towards Gratitude. In his mind, Will was still trying to decide whether he was going to attend a special party across town at the Presidio. He simply couldn't decide how he was going to get there.

Meanwhile, we're hanging around the cafe, and as we sit at the bar, he asks me, "So who do you think is going to give me a ride to the Presidio", and without hesitation I point to an unassuming guy talking on his cell phone across the room. The cafe eventually cleared out, and this stranger approached us, and initiated conversation saying that he felt our presence and wanted to make himself known.

The meeting of our like minds was unique and beautiful, and he honored our request to take us whereever we needed to go. In that space, I acknowledged the present moment, and this manifestation of needs. It happens fluidly as one steps back into the natural rhythm of the universe with TRUST.

I was waiting all week for another set to roll in, and yesterday evening, I paddling into the present moment, looked over the edge, dropped in and hit the bottom turn... surfs up, kids!