Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Presence is a 3-ring binder

As the light shines brighter on this phenomenon of life, remember that every waking moment is a gift. There are no exclusions or exceptions... each day that we are paid to work another 8 hours is yet another opportunity to bring attention to the magic that is happening all around us, even in the professional workforce community.

Singing has its place during the walk to and from work, and hugging is fast become an obsession as the relationships that we've formed in the office grow deeper still. The comfort of finding a healing hand in a place where it is much needed is beyong comparison... the smiles of gratitude pierce deep into our hearts, and touch a place that would otherwise go unnoticed amidst the distractions of ambition, frustration, success and failure.

Presence in all aspects of living is clutch - only then can one fully be present to the joy of living, breathing, sighing... even in the most seemingly negative situations. In everything, there is balance, holding all the good and bad and in between together. We can choose to waive our presence when we get caught up in the cacophony of our microcosmic lives... bank statements, car payments, due dates and vacation days... or we can choose to embrace the spirit that unites us as living creatures breathing together, laughing with each other, and creating rythmic harmony with the beating of our hearts.