Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Motions

Yesterday felt so akward returning from the burn... even typing felt akward - so much so. My body did not want to go through the motions - it longs to be free of this environment, as I discover when I leave the office. Never before have I felt such an urge for leaving.

Today is another strange day in the life. Fortuntately, the playa dust found its way into my office as a gentle reminder - the essence of spirit flows through everyone and everything, even here, an essence that does not distinguish those who are wearing slacks and dress shoes instead of fabulous costumes. It permeates deeply to the core of our existence as physical creatures, and connects us with the foundation that unites all beings - Love.

The spirit is a beacon, beckoning around every street corner, a constant reminder of your true nature, the miracle that is... you. We are one, we respect and love one another, we acknowledge that our lives are irrevocably intertwined, and our actions affect one another. We love one another, stranger or friend, and we love ourselves through that process. It is one and the same... the journey that began in burning man continues - just follow the sound of your heart.