Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Streaking across La Playa

How do you describe a journey that words cannot capture, of which a picture does no justice? How do you leave a place so sacred and pure, where the human imagination is truly free to rediscover itself. Like children, we marched together along this arid, cracked surface... holding this special place. Together, we ran naked and danced in the streams of water spraying off the back of a slow moving truck. We rediscovered the simple joy of living.
Our eyes wide open, we embraced each other and each new day together in this loving community.

In our hearts, we opened a channel through which we walked into our dreams and lived them fully and completely. Underneath the surface, we danced around our fears and expectations, mocking them... challenging our perceived limits, trusting the environment as a safe testing ground. Through this process, we developed a deeper understanding of ourselves, the source of our fears and expectations, and the strength that lies within our hearts to overcome those obstacles.

In the desert, we lived together, a tribe devoted to love... surrendering our actions, our intentions, our lives to that pinnacle of human expression. Love is by far the greatest human creation out there in the playa. Despite all of the extravagant displays of abundance and creativity
... despite all that is constructed by people during the year in preparation for this festival, love is the glue that binds this community, and love is the reason why our tribe of burners continue to gather in this magical place year after year. Love has the power to create synergy beyond measure. It is our most noble and magnificent achievement in this physical realm, and it is that which reminds us that we are all one being... streaking across the desert, dancing with our shadow in the glow of sunrise.