Monday, June 13, 2005

Stepping into the present

I've set the intention to pursue meaningful ambitions, paddling around the currents of mainstream society to enter the channels of consciousness inspired by moments of clarity. I've discovered such intense joy through awareness of the present moment, and I have become inspired by people all around me who have committed their lives to mindfulness.

I've recently met many wonderful people through the yoga community in San Francisco. Many of us have met in a setting that is conducive to conversations about our present experience, as opposed to discussing our background and past experiences. The experience of the present moment facilitates a dialogue through which we share our observations, gaining insight into one another's unique perspective. Down the road, we will arrive at topics about where we live, and who we know, etc... by that point, we will have already discovered who we are based on our shared experience of the now, making those other aspects about our past and future lives carry less importance.

During these initial dialogues, many have suggested that I am already traveling along the spiritual path of mindfulness. Such observations inspire me to pursue my vision, to walk confidently as a warrior of peace. I was just thinking about what I would have done when I was younger had I known then what I know now... reflecting for a moment, I realize that patience is such an important virtue. The journey IS the destination, and everyday offers an opportunity to embrace the present, to incorporate that which I learned yesterday into the lessons that I will learn today. To hope for tomorrow is to overlook today...

A friend came up with a suggestion for a massage studio business name that is absolutely brilliant - "release!" Keep your eyes on the horizon - this idea has great potential!