Saturday, October 29, 2005

Easy Flow on the Witch's New Year

It began with vibration - and creation manifested.

I awoke to the sweet and loving harmony of a North Beach morning singing songs outside my window. Back-to-back yoga classes for breakfast before the journey to the ocean. As noon rolled around, I called out to my brother Gordon about the surf adventure - he was down. We rolled into OB a few hours before low tide, and the fog was thick - just barely visible through the mist, one could see waves breaking on the outside sandbars... the parking lot was full, and that was a sufficient indicator of good surf.

We suited up and marched on down the beach - at a closer glance, the paddle out looks pretty messy. Waves breaking on the inside are coming from every angle, and it looks like a taste of winter out there... rather big. I bring awareness back to this moment, and am grateful to share this experience with my college friend.

As we paddle out, I keep an eye on Chris as he follows in my wake. To our pleasant surprise, we paddle right through some channels, and in no time, we are sitting out at the first break. Guys are scattered all over the place... the waves were pretty nice. I catch a nice right that takes me all the way down the line and into another reforming section. Nothing unreal, but certainly fun and challenging. A big set wipes us both out of the lineup and back to square one.

After a while out there, Chris tells me that he'll be heading in shortly. I acknowledge the numbness in my feet and hands, and indicate that I'll be following soon. Within minutes, another rogue wave clears the lineup, and I'm caught on the inside only to get swept way further in. The following cleanup waves only pull me further towards the shore, and so I surrender and rode the wash in.

On the ride home, we both acknowledged the beauty of this art of waveriding. Spent and satiated, our day was complete... there was no need for anything else. Everything to follow is be icing on an already stacked, triple-layer, double-fudge cream-filled cheesecake. We shared dinner together with the ladies at one of the city's best Chinese restaurants which just so happens to be within spitting distance of Chris' apartment. A perfect way to seal in the experience.

The Witches Dance

Throughout the prior two weeks, I set the intention to attend a spiral dance organized by the Reclaiming organization taking place that evening... yet at this time, simply being was bliss. After dinner, I walked over to the bus stop and struck up a conversation with wonder woman (it's halloween, remember!), who directed me to another bus line. Along the way, I passed a hill covered in beautiful flowers, and picked three of them. These became my celebratory decoration. The next stop was situated amongst a grove of trees, and walked around to touch each one. After completing the round, the bus arrived.

I saw the stadium lighting from afar, and the driver bade me to stay on the bus until we arrived at the closest stop. Walking down the hill, spirits circulated with mischevious grins on their faces. As I got within earshot of the stadium, I heard what sounded like cheerleaders and whistling... and to my surprise, I discovered that there was a football game going on. I thought, "No way! This is not possible. Where are the witches?"

I turned to a man walking down the street and asked where the venue was, and he directed me to an indoor arena just around the block. I walked confidently to the gathering, feeling much at peace with the world around me.

I soon entered the building with warm greetings, and sat down at the edge of the inner circle. Soon, inspiration bade me to find a spot in the bleachers to stash my shoes, and once there, I decided to hold that space. Almost instantaneously, Ben and Jamie walk into the place, and walk right up to where I am seated in the bleachers. I met these wonderful and loving creatures many months ago at another Reclaiming event, the summer solstice gathering, and we spontaneously became family. We embrace each other warmly and sit down together.

After a little while, I notice Chionesu (another member of the summer solstice tribe) and prance down to greet him. Together, we visit the north altar, and as the group began their invocation to welcome the spirits, and I move into that sacred space, channeling all of this positive intention.

The spiral dance took shape, and soon we were dancing and singing to one another -

"Let it begin with each step we take,
let it begin with each change we make.
Let it begin with each chain we break, and
let it begin every time we awake."

Let it begin with each breath we take... during the dance, I spot Trinity, a woman that I met at Harbin during a healer's retreat weekend. Just a few days earlier, I was speaking with a friend who is discovering her own healing potential, and she expressed deep gratitude for basking in warm glow of Trinity's encouragement.

As the spiral dance unfolded, we dispersed around the venue, dancing and moving with the music as it continued. I strolled around, and found Trinity holding hands and dancing with a woman, quite obviously transfixed in that moment. So rather than interrupt, I continue my tour, and suddenly, Chionesu's friend, a tall red-headed girl with a warm smile and a strong build, bumped butts with me and totally rocked my balance. She asked where we might find Chionesu, and then randomly suggested that we go talk to some friends. That was exactly what I wanted to do, and so we moved back towards the area where I found Trinity holding space with the woman.

Trinity was now solo, and as we approached her, I broke off from the strong red-head and stepped into Trinity's sacred space. The moment that we connected our spirit energy, we moved deeper into that space - our conversation spun into existence and our hands danced together, moving energy and sharing ideas, we breathed together. In our eyes a reflection - in her eyes, I saw my face and torso under a glimmer of light that appeared like a planet rising over the horizon. In my eyes, she saw her reflection framed on three sides as though she was standing in a triangle.

We held this space until most of the people had left and the remainder began breaking down the displays and altars. As we gathered our belongings and prepared to seal this moment, I showed her an energy lock that one of my dear spiritual friends had discovered following her vision into a past life experience.

I walked out of the venue with a revived sense of presence, and again felt complete and whole with the experience. I milled around the front of the building where I spot a tall guy with blond hair curling under his fur hat, and remembered seeing him inside, thinking that he was someone else. I walked over to him, and realize that he's a stranger... in fact, he's no stranger at all - we look at each other and smile, recognizing and welcoming the presence of pure spirit.

His friend comes over to introduce himself... hugs all around. Then he asks me if I want to join them for an adventure the following day - without a second thought, I'm down for it - sealed! We walk as a group down Haight Street towards the next leg of our respective journeys, and along the way, I invite these spirits to spend the night at my house since its empty for the weekend. They'd already arranged for a place to crash that night, so it was all good.

Soon, we find ourselves standing on a street corner, a handful of peeps from the spiral dance and various other street folk basking in the flow. The same bus line that brought me to this place approaches the corner, and one of our witches named Katie takes off running towards the stop... I pursue and bid adieu to those pure spirits who remained, holding the space on that corner.

During the bus ride, Katie and I discover many parallels in our San Francisco story, including a close mutual connection to Ian - he who first introduced me to Reclaiming! When I hop off the bus at California, I realize that I could've gone one stop further and would have been closer to a bus line that passes in front of my home.

Walking along the sidewalk, I notice a car is pulling out of a parking lot just as I am about to cross its path, and it comes to an abrupt stop so that I may go first. As I walk past, I hear a crash behind me, and look back to see the aftermath of a collision between a taxi and the car that just pulled out of the parking lot. No one is hurt, and I stand in the street, directing traffic around the two lanes where the cars are blocking traffic. I hear people consoling the driver who was most concerned over his damaged car. Notice this point of awareness... let us not be attached to our material possessions, especially when our health and well-being are intact. Eventually, the taxi moves his car out of the middle of the roadway, and I continue on my journey as my work there is done.

I cross the street to pick up the approaching California bus... when I get on, I cannot find my transfer - and the driver is reluctant to believe me. I explain that I don't have any money to pay for another fare. At the same time, another woman is trying to ride with an expired transfer. He drives on, but he threatens us once again at the next stop. I sit next to a girl from the spiral dance who soon lends me her transfer so that I can show it to the driver. He leaves me in peace for the rest of the ride... and the girl gets off at Taylor.