Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reflections through the window into a rainy day...

Today is certainly a day for reflections. The rainy season begins in San Francisco, and I have decided to camp out at Philz Coffee where the window to the world is clear and wide. People wander in and out, and others wander past the storefront. The rain falls straight down, like drips of water melting off of millions of icicles in the sky. People are wet and happy as they seek solace in a warm brew of an original Philz creation.

As December approaches, I think about my lover far off in Mexico... re-reading some emails that we've exchanged has brought him into this moment, and rekindled the passion that I have discovered through our connection. I long to see him again, and realize that it may be several months before we reunite in this physical form...

I purchased a plane ticket to NJ this morning, sealing my decision to travel to the East before the holidays. I have decided to direct my efforts towards opportunities in NYC. This decision follows a moment of inspiration linked to a series of events in my life.

In September, I traveled to NYC and NJ following the Acroyoga training and Burningman. During those two weeks, I was embraced warmly by many bright spirits in the city, and was encouraged to stay and teach Acroyoga. I also envisioned opportunities to share bodywork at photo shoots and modeling sessions. It was clear to me that NYC was a market that was ready to be tapped by the world of Acroyogis, and significantly underpopulated in that respect.

I returned to California without any thought about taking my work back east. In the process of acclimating to life as usual, I began to lose sight of my direction. I slipped into total freedom, and was taking much for granted in the nebulous space of indecision. Clarity emerged through different windows, and interesting opportunities to share and promote Acroyoga arose. I appeared on television in LA, and received offers to demonstrate our practice at parties hosted by Lulu Lemon. I also started co-teaching the Friday night class with Carolyn.

In parallel to my Acroyoga career, I realized the need for more sustainable means of financial support... thus I turned to the accountant in me. I looked into opportunities locally, and sent out some emails to people in the industry... to date, nothing noteworthy has come back to me.

Just over a week ago, my precious wagon was stolen along with my boards and camping equipment. I immediately dropped into the space of acceptance, embracing my situation as is, and reflecting in gratitude for all my blessings... in the process, I let go of my attachment to my car and the belongings that left with it. I began to appreciate each passing day with genuine gratitude, appreciate the peace and happiness in my life, appreciate my freedom and abundance, appreciate the present moment...

Jason shared with me his experience of having all of his possessions stolen on the night of his 30th birthday along with his van. He referred to this experience as his grand liberation! It was just after this experience that he decided to take Acroyoga on the road, and paved the way for what Acroyoga has become today.

One evening, Juan Pablo asked me if I was planning to move to NYC... I hadn't given it any thought, but in that moment, the idea inspired me! Without my attachments to California, the car, the surf boards, the camping gear, I was truly free to go anywhere. NYC sounded very appealing, and also the perfect place to turn in pursuit of financial abundance. And with that moment of clarity, I began to clarify my vision to move to NYC. That night, I returned to the apartment where I am staying, and for the first time since the night my car was stolen, I reviewed the slip of paper given to me by the police department. I decided that I would call them the following day to inquire about my car.

At 6:30am the following morning, I received a phone call from the police station... they recovered my car. Long story short, I found the car in poor mechanical shape, missing the battery, intake, and distributor, and decided the car was not worth salvaging. I gave it to a guy named Ed who said he would get it running again. I recovered journals and photos that could not be replaced, and let go of the boards and camping gear that were not recovered.

Some rotten things happen for good reason, and it's often hard to see that when you're stuck focused on the rotten. I choose to see the blue skies beyond the clouds, and trust in the way things work out for the best... and with trust and peace of mind, I continue on the journey step by step.